Pedaling Philanthropy

We are grateful for the incredible support of ALL of our volunteer Cleaners, Preppers and Mechanics over the entire 2018 refurbishment and giveaway season. Because of you and your incredible dedication and hard work, we were able to collect over 1150 bikes and give away 1064 of those to needy children in Detroit!!!

THANK YOU again for all that you did last year…now we’re almost ready for our 2019 “season”!

The volunteer season for 2019 runs from October 7 – December 15 and we’ll be in the same place we were last year 411 Piquette Ave., Detroit (click here for a map). By September 1 we’ll have our volunteer calendar populated with available shifts and we’ll have the same three roles to fill – Cleaner, Prepper and Mechanic. And again, we’ll ask you to…..

Just answer a quick question or two and we will determine where your valuable talents can be best put to use!

Have You Ever…

Changed a bike tire and tube?

Love it. To Clarify…
Love it. WELCOME to the Cleaners! Click here to schedule a shift!

Have you ever adjusted a derailleur or bottom bracket?

Love it. WELCOME to the Mechanics! Click here to schedule a shift!
Love it. WELCOME to the Preppers! Click here to schedule a shift!