Pedaling Philanthropy

We are so excited – our 2018 volunteer season is finally here! We are repairing bikes in a warehouse adjacent to the New Center area of Detroit and abutting the historic Ford Piquette plant. Our warehouse is located at 411 Piquette Avenue in Detroit (directions to warehouse are here.)

Select a volunteer role that’s best for you. You will be able to register here and get started volunteering for Free Bikes 4 Kidz Detroit!

We’ve loaded the Piquette warehouse with over 700 bikes as of Saturday, October 13, and we’re planning on bringing in more as people drop off their bikes directly to the warehouse. Now we’re in the refurbishing stage. The volunteer season runs mid October thru early December – 6 days a week, several shifts each day. Joining us for multiple shifts? Please note:  our registration system requires you to register for each shift. If you have a group that would like to volunteer and none of the available shifts meets your group’s schedule, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at to work out a mutually agreeable time.

We have three roles to fill. Just answer a quick question or two and we will determine where your valuable talents can be best put to use!

Have You Ever…

Changed a bike tire and tube?

Love it. To Clarify…
Love it. WELCOME to the Cleaners! Click here to schedule a shift!

Have you ever adjusted a derailleur or bottom bracket?

Love it. WELCOME to the Mechanics! Click here to schedule a shift!
Love it. WELCOME to the Preppers! Click here to schedule a shift!