Bike Giveaway Day Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in signing up to be a volunteer on one of FB4K Detroit’s bike giveaway days – Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th. These will be big days for the kids in our community as they receive a shiny bike with a new helmet! We have several volunteer positions we need to fill to make the day run smoothly for our bike recipients. We have two shifts available on Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10 – one from 9:30am through 1:30pm and another from 1:00p to 4:30pm. Please select from one of the following positions and you’ll be taken to a calendar to sign up for a shift (descriptions are above each button):

The Check-In Host will use printed lists to check names of bike recipients as they arrive at the warehouse and issue them a “Golden Bike Ticket” (think Willie Wonka!) for their bike

Check-In Host

The Bike Shopping Host will help a child shop for a new bike in their size

Bike Shopping Host

The Helmet Sizing Host will fit each child receiving a bike with a new helmet.

Helmet Sizing Host

The Bike Restocker will restock bikes from our inventory as bikes are chosen from the shopping area by kids

Bike Restocker

The Mechanic Assistance will help address any mechanical issues that arise – adjust saddles and handlebars and put training wheels on bikes as requested

Mechanic Assistance