FB4K Detroit Volunteers Answer the Call to Help in the Homestretch!

Saturday, November 23 was just another day at the FB4K Detroit warehouse…only it wasn’t. We had been sending out the call for more volunteers the last couple of weeks and on the 23rd, this group answered that call! Over 30 volunteers individually signed up to help clean and repair bikes on this day, 3 weeks prior to our giveaway on December 14. This crew was cleaning and repairing bikes for over 3 hours on Saturday and having a great time doing it! We had Beat the Train Detroit riders who showed up; several “regulars” who come weekly if not daily; a Northville high school student who’s on his school’s MiSCA bike racing team and is an incredible mechanic already; a volunteer who had helped repair bikes for FB4K in Minnesota 8 years ago, and old friends who heard we needed a hand. Of course our mission is to give kids the gift of a bicycle before the holidays and we’re all focused on that, but one of the things that makes FB4K so special is that a whole community comes together to make that happen – check out the video below if you want to feel good about Detroit!